Endodontic Retreatment in Jenkintown

Endodontic Retreatment

In some cases, retreatment is necessary after a root canal. Retreatment will address failed or inefficient root canals, helping to avoid extraction. If you are seeking endodontic retreatment in Jenkintown, rest assured that Dr. Fuller’s number one priority is to save your tooth.

About Endodontic Retreatment

Why would an endodontist perform a retreatment?

Naturally, people want to know why their first root canal didn’t go as well as planned. There are a number of reasons this could have occurred. Typically, people come to our office in Jenkintown for endodontic retreatment following a root canal procedure they had elsewhere, such as at a general dentist’s office.

Perhaps the canals of their roots were so narrow that they were not disinfected properly. Sometimes, the filling or crown gets damaged, reintroducing bacteria, and consequently, infection. And other times, our bodies’ healing processes just aren’t up to the challenge at the time of the original procedure.

What happens during retreatment?

After numbing, we will gain access to the inside of the affected tooth. If there is a crown, post, and core, these will need to be removed. Once we have appropriate access, all canals will be examined with the best available tools. It isn’t unusual for someone to have curved canals or even extra canals, which may have contributed to the failure of the first treatment.

Once inspected, the canals will be thoroughly cleaned and filled once more. Restorations, such as crowns, are handled afterward, during a separate appointment. In the meantime, we’ll install a temporary filling to cap things off.

What alternatives might a Jenkintown endodontist recommend?

On occasion, inspecting those canals can lead us to recommend endodontic surgery. This is not extreme; it simply means that an incision needs to be made to access the very end of the tooth’s root. This increases the chances of successful retreatment in some cases, especially those with unusually-shaped canals. It is considered a surgery by virtue of the fact that an incision must be made. It doesn’t mean that your endodontic retreatment has reduced chance of being successful. Many retreatments we perform, even surgical ones, lead to a healed teeth that stays in place for many years.

What if I don’t want retreatment?

We are confident that a retreatment will be no more of a hassle than a good root canal. It also happens to be the only way to save that tooth. If retreatment doesn’t occur, the last remaining option is extraction – pulling the tooth out. To prevent this loss from affecting the position of surrounding teeth, it may require a dental implant, partial denture, or bridge. Acquiring such replacements can be more comprehensive and even more expensive than opting for retreatment.

That said, every case will be unique. We always recommend doing everything possible to save our natural teeth before resorting to synthetic replacements. Call us today to find out how our endodontist in Jenkintown can help with retreatment, saving you the trouble of compensating for an extraction.


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Dr. Alexander Fuller is a board eligible Endodontist in Jenkintown, member of the American Dental Association, Pennsylvania Dental Association, and the American Association of Endodontists. His vision is to provide a comforting experience to our patients from the moment you walk in the door while using the latest in dental technology. Dr. Fuller grew up in Abington, PA and is proud to be working so close to his hometown.

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Always on the forefront of modern root canal procedures and treatments, we continuously train and use the latest in endodontic technologies, including digital x-rays, high powered Zeiss microscopes, ultrasonic instrumentation and low radiation CT scanners, just to name a few. No matter what your situation is, we will provide you with a treatment plan to meet your needs at any stage of your dental health.

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