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Cracked Teeth

Believe it or not, many people are surprised to learn they have a cracked tooth, or multiple cracked teeth. While they often happen as a result of sports injuries, falls, accidents, and more, sometimes a tooth can crack without a specific traumatic incident occurring. Fortunately, it’s easy to find experienced, excellent cracked teeth treatment in Jenkintown by visiting Jenkintown Endodontics.

About Cracked Teeth

What are the signs of cracked teeth?

Cracks are not always visible to the naked eye, and we may not even be able to feel the crack with our tongues. Other kinds of cracks occur below the gum line, and therefore may go unnoticed for quite a while. Still, many kinds of cracks exhibit similar symptoms. There may be pain while chewing, or enhanced sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. The pain can range from mild and barely bothersome, to very severe. This pain and sensitivity can also come and go.

What are the different kinds of fractures?

When a crack is confirmed and you receive cracked teeth treatment, the first step will be ascertaining what kind of fracture you have. A split tooth often happens when a crack goes untreated. The tooth will quite literally be vertically split from the exposed surface to below the gum line. Vertical root fractures are restricted to a root only and are the kind we mentioned previously which often go undetected.

A fractured cusp is when just one portion of the exposed tooth breaks or cracks. For instance, if we picture of a molar with four corners or sections, a fractured cusp would involve just one of these sections cracking, usually in an irregular pattern. Finally, we have a regular cracked tooth, with one vertical crack from the chewing surface down. It’s important to seek the right cracked teeth specialist in Jenkintown before this crack becomes a split and progresses below the gum.

What can Jenkintown Endodontics do for cracked teeth?

The treatment very much depends on the type of crack. A split tooth usually cannot be saved, although an endodontist in Jenkintown might be able to save part of the tooth. Endodontists like us may also be able to salvage teeth affected by vertical root fractures, if the cracked portion is small enough to be surgically removed. Regular cracks may be remedied with root canals, which keep that crack from progressing and becoming a split. Finally, a fractured cusp can usually be fixed with a simple crown or filling.

Cracked Teeth Treatment in Jenkintown & Philadelphia

There’s no way to guarantee that a tooth will never crack, but here are a few things to keep in mind. First, take care not to bite down or chew on very hard items, such as ice. When working in a danger zone or playing sports, consider wearing a mouth or face guard. We may also require a guard if we have a tendency to grind our teeth in our sleep. Above all else, take care of cracks quickly. This way, an endodontist has a greater chance of saving the cracked tooth.

Avoid losing teeth to cracks and splits by calling Jenkintown Endodontics right away!


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